Flower Waters

Hydrolats  (hydrosols) are another name for "floral waters". They are used in day-to-day care – they moisten, alleviate, nourish and bring relief to dry and tired skin.

These precious waters are more delicate in comparison to fragrance oils and their pH is close to the pH of the skin. In soaps, creams, lotions they replace, so called, a water phase. Others, in turn, can be used in their natural form in place of a tonic or as a refreshing water. Owing to the content of vegetable substances, they are perfect for moistening and skin-care.

Hydrolats available in our shop are natural products originating from ecological plantations and they contain active vegetable ingredients which have a positive influence on a skin condition.

Hydrolats have a short expiring date. One should remember to store them in a fridge or to add a preservative so as to prevent them from spoiling.

Curry Plant Hydrolate  Curry Plant Hydrolate 
Expiration date: 2019.12
Price: £3.82
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Green tea hydrolat  (hydrosol)  ECO Green tea hydrolat (hydrosol) ECO
Expiration date: 2020.02
Price: £3.27
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Hawthorn flower water Hawthorn flower water
Expiration date: 2020.06
Price: £4.18
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Lavender  flower water (HYDROLATE) Lavender flower water (HYDROLATE)
Expiration date: 2020.10
Price: £3.16
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Orange flower water (HYDROLATE) Orange flower water (HYDROLATE)
Expiration date: 2021.12
Price: £3.48
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Rose flower water (HYDROLATE) ECO Rose flower water (HYDROLATE) ECO
Expiration date: 2021.11
Price: £2.75
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Rose hydrolat (hydrosol) ECO (1) Rose hydrolat (hydrosol) ECO (1)
Expiration date: 2020.04
Price: £3.16
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Rosemary hydrolat (hydrosol) ECO Rosemary hydrolat (hydrosol) ECO
Expiration date: 2020.07
Price: £3.39
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Witch-hazel flower water (HYDROSOL) Witch-hazel flower water (HYDROSOL)
Expiration date: 2020.04
Price: £2.91
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