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AHA, BHA, PHA Hydroxy Acids

Hydroxy acids are used in both cosmetics – they decrease skin dryness, improve the condition of wrinkle-prone skin, are used as chemical scrubs – and in dermatology to the treatment of some skin diseases such as fishskin, acne, senile melanodermas, sun cornification, actinic keratosis, papillae, discolorations etc.

In low concentrations they exert effect only on the epidermis by means of supporting its cornification which results in easier and regular exfoliation, they also influence the ability to keep water in the external part of the epidermis.

Hydroxy acids in higher concentrations also influence the dermis, increasing the production of substances responsible for binding moisture in the skin, the collagen fibers and elastin.

The therapy with acids is recommended in case of the skin damaged by sun beams (they help in repairing damages), decrease wrinkles, smooth the epidermis and increase its elasticity. Additionally they help in the removal of small acne scars.  

AHA 50 C.I. AHA 50 C.I.
Expiration date: 2022.08
Price: €0.98
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Alpha lipoic acid Alpha lipoic acid
Expiration date: 2022.06
Price: €2.48
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Citric acid Citric acid
Expiration date: 2022.06
Price: €0.73
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Glukonolakton Glukonolakton
Expiration date: 2023.12
Price: €3.23
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Glycolic acid 67% Glycolic acid 67%
Expiration date: 2022.05
Price: €1.23
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L-Lactic acid 80% L-Lactic acid 80%
Expiration date: 2023.07
Price: €2.15
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Lactobionic acid Lactobionic acid
Expiration date: 2022.04
Price: €2.48
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Mandelic Acid Mandelic Acid
Expiration date: 2023.09
Price: €1.48
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Salicylic acid Salicylic acid
Expiration date: 2025.05
Price: €0.93
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