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Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions concerning shopping on our website.

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How can I check the availability of products?

Each product has information concerning its availability:

  • Stock-out – temporarily there is 0 items in the warehouse inventory; if you are really interested in this product contact us via e-mail or call us: +48663313132.
  • Running out – the last items of a given product; it is worth to hurry up with purchase.
  • Average quantity – we have at least a few a dozen or so items.
  • Big quantity – we have enough items in the warehouse inventory to realize multiple orders.
  • Available on order – we can import the product for you – contact us via e-mail: or call us: +48663313132.
  • Expected delivery – the product will be available soon.
  • Withdrawn for sale – the product is no longer available in our shop.


How can I check a status of lead time?

We will send information concerning progresses in order fulfillment to you e-mail address. Besides, after logging in to your account, you will have access to all information concerning your current and executed orders such as: status, content, given addresses etc.

How long will I wait for a delivery?

Immediately after placing an order, you will receive an e-mail with a link which should be clicked to confirm the order – then we begin a process of order fulfillment. You will keep receiving e-mails concerning status of your order.

parcel receiving date = date of shipment + delivery time

The time of shipment depends on the availability of products and chosen payment method, whereas delivery date depends on the chosen mode of delivery.


» A detailed description of orders fulfillment.

What modes of delivery are there?

You can choose one of the following modes of delivery, depending on the quantity and weight of ordered products, chosen payment method and own preferences:

  • Courier company,
  • The Polish Post (economic parcel or expedited service),
  • Personal collection.


» A detailed description of delivery modes.

How much will I pay for a delivery?

A complete delivery cost will be known after adding products into your basket and choosing mode of delivery and payment method – in conclusion you will notice a precise amount to pay. Depending on a chosen method of payment (advance payment or payment forward) and a mode of delivery, the postage varies between a few to a dozen or so zlotys.

» A detailed delivery price list

How can I pay for an order?

You can choose one of the following payment methods, depending on the order value, chosen mode of delivery and own preferences:

• Bank transfer,

• Cash payment in the place of business

» A detailed description of payment methods

Can I pick up my order personally?

Of course. You can pick up your order in the point of personal collection under the following address: MODRA 5 , 55-095 Mirków; business hours can be checked in the Contact tab. When picking up personally you are not burdened with any additional costs.

What are discount vouchers?

We offer our clients discount vouchers in multiple promotion campaigns. They are in form of codes which should be typed in the basket in a properly marked place. As a result an amount to pay will be counted including the discount. Remember though that the majority of the discount vouchers have their expiring dates. After that a particular voucher ceases to be active and it will not grant a specified discount.

What is a repository?

A repository is a place where you can put products which are of interest to you. The function is available only for logged-in clients. If you hesitate whether to buy a particular product, and you have an account in our shop, log in and add it to the repository. The products in the repository are saved so after logging-in again you will find them there. At any time you can move them into the basket or remove them from the repository.

Can I receive an invoice?

Yes, you can receive an invoice for all the products purchased in our shop. In order to receive it, choose the option “company” in the form with your personal information during placing an order and type invoice data. Type Information concerning the need for the VAT invoice in the order notes (section “Additional information”). In case the shipping address is differs from invoice data, mark an option “different shipping address” in the form and type the desired one. Date of issuing an invoice is the shipping date of your order. It cannot be changed.

How can I introduce changes to my order?

You can modify your orders only when their content is being completed. In case an order was sent to a particular address, its modification is impossible. To introduce any changes in the order (such as address, adding a product or change in the payment method or the mode of delivery) contact us as quickly as possible – preferably by phone +48663313132.

I placed an incorrect order. How can I cancel it?

You can cancel your orders only when their content is being completed. In case an order was sent to a particular address, its modification is impossible. To cancel your order contact us as quickly as possible – preferably by phone +48663313132.

Where is my parcel?

When choosing a mode of delivery in the form of courier, you will receive an e-mail with the number of a bill of lading and a link to the website where you can keep track of your parcel. The link is also visible for shop clients in the preview of the placed order details, in the column entitled Parcel.

Do all products have warranty?

Yes, products available in the offer of our shop have producer’s warranty which is valid in the territory of Poland. The information concerning warranty period can be found in the description of a product and on producers’ websites. It is important to keep a proof of purchase (a bill or an invoice) and original package until the warranty is over. It is a ground for lodging a complaint.

» Warranty and service conditions

I have a problem with an ordered product. What now?

Prior to receiving a parcel one is obliged to check whether it has not been damaged during a transport. In case the package has visible external damages, we encourage you to refuse to take delivery and contact us via the following phone number: +48663313132.

In case you want to lodge a complaint be sure whether the product should be returned to us or to a producer. All necessary information concerning this subject is to be found in the warranty card and in the product description available on our website or on the producer’s website.

» A detailed procedure of complaint

Can I return the product that I have already bought?

Yes, according to the polish act issued on 2nd March 2000, one can return a product purchased in an online shop within 10 days from the date of receiving a parcel without giving any reason. Such product cannot have any marks of using, it cannot be damaged or destroyed, it has to be in an original package with all its content and finally it cannot have damaged or broken original seals.

» The description procedure of return

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