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Terms & Conditions


§1 General Provisions

1. The online shop [hereinafter referred to as “the Shop”] is an electronic business which deals with retail sale by right of the following regulations [hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”].

2. The owner of the Shop is LOGIS-TECH seated in Mirków, UL. Slowackiego 1, post code: 55-095, VAT ID PL 6931800409, phone: +48663313132, e-mail:

3. The Regulations are an integral part of this sale contract concluded with the Client.

4. The contract cannot be made unless the Client accepts these Regulations.

5. The prices given in the Shop are gross prices (they include VAT tax).

6. The Shop reserves the right to change product prices which are available in the offer, introducing new products,

organizing and cancelling promotion campaigns or introducing changes to the above.

7. Promotion campaigns have a limited number of products which can be sold or resold. The order fulfillment occurs according to confirmed orders reception until the products are out of stock.

8. Products available in the Shop are free from physical and legal defects, and they have all necessary certificates.

9. All products offered in the store ARE NOT INTENDED FOR CONSUMPTION in any form or for use in food or medical products!

§2 Orders

1. Orders can be placed in the following ways:

a) by means of a form available on the Shop website

b) by e-mail available on the Shop website

c) by phone at the telephone numbers available on the Shop website in the Contact tab.

2. An order can be fulfilled when the Client has given all the data required to his or her verification as well as a recipient of the parcel. The Shop confirms the order by e-mail or by phone. The Shop has a right to refuse accepting an order, limiting payment methods or requesting prepay in case the order raises doubts as to the truth and honesty of the given data or the payment method.

3. Both sides regard as binding information available on the Shop website and concerning purchased products at the time of placing an order, especially the following: price, product characteristics, and its features, elements which are part of a set, the date and the mode of delivery.

4. Information available on the Shop website does not constitute an offer. By placing an order, the Client makes an offer to purchase a specific product. The sale contract is made when the Order is confirmed by the Client as a result of clicking a confirmation link in an e-mail sent to the Client by the Shop.

5. Orders placed on working days after 2 pm, on Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays shall be considered on the next working day.

6. The Shop will not realize orders to the value of goods purchased less than 3 EUR

§3 Payments

1. The Client can choose from the following payment methods:

a) cash – then the payment is done in our place of business when a parcel is being received,

b) bank transfer – then the Shop reserves a product in the warehouse inventory and sends it to an address given by the Client after a payment posting on our bank account which is available for this purpose on the Shop website or in an e-mail sent to the Client,

c) charge card – via Visa Electron, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro,etc.


f) otherwise if it is specified on the Shop website.

2. Shipping costs are specified in the delivery price list.

3. A parcel cannot be given unless the shipping costs and the parcel itself are paid for.

§4 Shipment

1. An ordered product is sent by means of mail-order companies (e.g. PocztaPolska or a courier company) or it is available for receipt in our place of business.

2. In case of payments other than payments forward, a time of shipment is extended by a period of time between placing an order and a date of payment posting.

3. The Shop does not take responsibility for delays which occur on account of mail-order companies (e.g. a courier company).

§5 Complaints

1. The ground for accepting a complaint is to show a payment voucher (a receipt or a VAT invoice).

2. When a product is not in accordance with the contract, a client should send it back to the Shop with a description of non-compliance.

3. The shop shall give an opinion concerning a Client’s complaint within 14 days since the moment of returning the product with a description of non-compliance. In case a verification of non-compliance requires consulting an expert or manufacturer’s representative, the time for giving an opinion is extended by the time required to get an expert’s opinion.

4. When an acceptance of justified complaint requires to send a new product or to remove its non-compliances, the shipping costs are covered by the Shop.

5. Client’s individual settings of a computer or a monitor which result in incorrect or distorted display of products information (e.g. colours) cannot be a ground for complaint.

§6 A Right to Cancel a Contract

1. On the ground of an act of 2nd March 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and on the liability for damage caused by a dangerous product the Client has a right to cancel a contract.

2. The right to cancel the contract is effective if the Client shall submit within 10 days from the date of purchase, a separate declaration of cancellation.

3. The Client returns a product to the Shop within 14 days from submitting the declaration of cancellation. The returned product should be intact, complete, in an original package and cannot have any marks of using. Shipping costs are covered by the Client.

4. Within 7 working days from the date of receiving the parcel the Shop shall check the condition of a product.

5. Within 7 working days from the date of checking the Shop returns the paid amount which is lowered by the costs of order fulfillment. The client is obliged to specify a bank account where money shall be transferred. In case of payments done by means of charge cards, the money shall be returned to a card which was used for purchasing purposes.

6. In case the Client violates terms and conditions specified above in the paragraph 2 and 3, the declaration of cancellation shall be declared null and void; the product cannot be returned and the Shop does not refund money.

7. The Client has no right to cancel the contract in cases specified in article 10, paragraph 3 of the act referred to in paragraph 1 of this document that is in the area of:

a) lending services, which began with the Client’s consent, prior to the term of contract’s cancellation (refers to lending services and not selling goods),

b) audio and video recordings and data saved on a storage medium after the Client removed their original packages,

c) contracts concerning services whose price or remuneration solely depends on price development on the financial market,

d) services whose properties are specified by the Client in a separate order or closely related to his or her person,

e) services which, in consideration of their character, cannot be returned or whose subject quickly gets spoiled,

f) press delivery,

g) services referring to gambling.

§7 Privacy Protection

1. By placing an order the Client consents to processing of his or her personal data only for the purpose of order fulfillment.

2. The Client can also consent separately to receive advertising and promotional materials, including commercial report.

3. The Client has a right to see his or her data, to correct them and to request their deletion.

§8 Intellectual Property

The use of any materials published on this website (including images and products’ descriptions) is strictly prohibited without a written consent of the Shop.

§9 Coming into Force and Changes of the Regulations

1. The Regulations come into force from the day of their publication on this website.

2. The Shop reserves a right to introduce changes in the Regulations which come into force from the day of their publication on this website. The version of the Regulations existing on the day of order placement shall be in use in relation to contracts made prior to any changes in the Regulations.

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