50+ Anti-Ageing Cream with Vitamin C

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50+ Anti-Ageing Cream with Vitamin C is designed specially for mature skin which becomes firm and moisturised. Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate) revitalizes and whitens the skin, while reducing wrinkles. It stimulates the collagen synthesis, activates the multiplication of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, inhibits the sebum oxidation, protects against the UV radiation and the creation of erythema, and finally supports the treatment of acne. Due to the properties of vegetable stem cells the skin keeps regenerating and reconstructing itself. Our product slows down all the visible processes of skin ageing, keeps water in deep skin layers, while stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid and preventing its degradation. The cream improves elasticity and stimulates the synthesis of collagen, protecting the skin against harmful effects of UV radiation (it prevents the degradation of collagen).

Stable Oily Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate)  is an oil-soluble derivative of vitamin C which can be absorbed by the skin very easily and transformed into a free vitamin C. It may be added to a formulation readily and since it has got a unique form there are no irritations, even when the dose is high (there are products of even 100% concentration available on the market — for topical application). It also has got a particular resistance against light, heat and oxidation. Moreover, it revitalizes and whitens the skin, while reducing wrinkles. Our product stimulates the collagen synthesis, activates the multiplication of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, inhibits the sebum oxidation, and protects against the UV radiation along with the creation of erythema. Recent research shows that the product is especially effective against senile melanodermas and serious discolourations.

Vegetable Stem Cells  are unique prepared liposomes of stem cells obtained from the tree of Malus Domestica (the apple tree). They are able to protect the stem cells of your skin together with their sustenance. They contain metabolites which induce longevity of the cells and defend them against the oxidative stress..

Vegetable Stem Cells   for cosmetic purposes are a real breakthrough and one of the most remarkable discovery of recent years.

The stem cells play a crucial role. Their presence causes the skin to regenerate and reconstruct itself constantly. They slow down all the visible ageing processes. In addition, they live for much longer than the rest of the cells in the human body. In view of their purpose, they have got a naturally increased durability and are better protected. By the same token, the research shows that the vegetable stem cells are able to penetrate the skin deeply (as a result of being enclosed by liposomes) and prevent harmful external factors, such as for example UV radiation, which accelerate the skin ageing process.

The vegetable stem cells   support the functions of the skin stem cells, improving the skin condition and supporting the skin regeneration. A cell-by-cell skin regeneration is the most natural, effective and long-lasting invigoration solution.

Vegetable Stem Cells Cosmetic Properties::

Stem cells protection;

Regeneration and rejuvenation of the ageing skin;

Improved firmness and elasticity;

Smoother and improved skin colour.

Hair cosmetics application — accelerated hair growth and regeneration

Hyaluronic Acid Complex is in turn a very low molecular mass compound with hyaluronic acid enclosed in a special carrier which transports it to the deep dermis layers (an average of 1 000 Daltons). While penetrating deep skin layers, the complex stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for keeping water in the connective tissue (the deep moisturising) and in the upper skin layers, preventing the loss of water from the epidermis.

Strawberry Seed Oil is obtained from the grains of strawberries by means of cold- pressing method. It does not undergo the subsequent process of refining and filtration. Our product is a rich source of vitamins (including vitamin E), non-saturated fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6, omega-9) and antioxidants (tocopherols, ellagic acid) with anticancer properties.

The Strawberry Seed Oil moisturises, protects and nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth and nice in touch. When used, it reduces the loss of water through the epidermis by supplementing fatty acids. Besides it is perfect for dry and mature skins. The product may be used as an active substance in cosmetics (the concentration up to 10%).

Vitamin E  is commonly regarded as a youth and health elixir. It is one of the factors which inhibit the cellular ageing process and takes part in providing body with oxygen. Our product accelerates the treatment of burnings, protects against the sun radiation, evens scars and improves their elasticity.

It protects the adipose layer of the epidermis and improves its softness and elasticity. Vitamin E helps treating dermatosis and acne as well as prevents the creation of red marks. It appears in multiple vegetable products e.g. leaf vegetables, crude cereal grains or in vegetable oils. Furthermore, it also exists in abundance in mint leaves, nettles, broccoli or spinach.


The Preparation Set for 15g/50g of Cream:

Additional elements not included in the set:
  • Distilled (demineralized) water 0.6g/2g (0.6ml/2ml) — measure with the attached pipette


Cream Preparation:

  1. Check whether the set is complete.

  2. Prepare your work place adhering to the basic rules of hygiene.

  3. Add the attached oil, vitamin C and water into the container with the cream base and stir everything until the ingredients have blended and received mass is homogeneous.

  4. Add the remaining ingredients attached to the set into the obtained cream, stirring the cream every time an ingredient is added. While emptying receptacles, remember to pour them very precisely, almost to the last drop.

  5. Finally, stir everything very precisely. The cream is ready to use.



The cream is suitable for storage in room temperature up to 25°C, but the fridge is recommended.



- Ingredients: plastic pharmaceutical bottles, eppendorfs, cosmetic cream pot

- Complete set: plastic ziplock bag

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