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Algae and Porcelain Clay Sea Silt

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Expiration date: 2022.12
Product code: GB-00005100


INCI: Lithothamnium Calcareum Powder, Kaolin, Fucus Vesiculosus Powder

Algae and Porcelain Clay Sea Silt is a perfect body masque. It effectively cleans, refreshes and nourishes the skin. The product may be used on sore muscles, as it alleviates edemas and decreases (soothes) local pain. What is more, it accelerates the burning of adipose tissue and has antioxidant and anti-aging properties. The masque is rich in minerals and trace elements (calcium, sulphur, zinc, iodine, fluorine, iron etc.) crucial for balanced metabolism.

Sea silt contains very fine sea sediments which allow for easier penetration of sea ions and skin cell regeneration, supporting the exchange of precious minerals. The presence of fucus elevates the level of skin sweating, hence increasing the absorption of pollution by the sea silt. This way it eliminates toxins from the skin, making it more relaxed and remineralized. Additionally the sea silt has a positive effect on hair, strengthening its bulbs and treating dandruff. Besides it helps in the treatment of oily hair. Generally its application helps in keeping an optimal level of skin moistening. A universal application of sea silt makes it suitable for people in all ages and having types of skin.

Fucus (a dried bladder wrack still contains 10-12% of water, 15% of mineral salts, 0.3-0.8% of iodine and similar quantities of potassium, 1-2% of fatty acids and fucosterols, 4-5% of proteins and 65% of condensed carbohydrates, mainly align as well as alginic acid, and some amount of cellulose). The alginic acid is insoluble in water and it swells by absorbing water in the quantity exceeding its proper mass even up to 100 times. Algae contain large amounts of vitamin C and provitamin A. Bladder wrack has antioxidant properties, therefore, it may be used in cosmetics which protect skin and hair against the process of oxidation. Additionally it prevents skin aging. It also influences metabolism of subcutaneous tissue accelerating the breakdown of adipose tissue. It improves firmness and has nourishing and cleansing properties. What is more, the product regenerates and moistens skin.

Kaolin (porcelain clay) present in the masque eliminates toxins and increases the level of absorption. It contains large amounts of aluminium silicate which is responsible for its injury healing properties. It is rich in many microelements such as: silicon, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and mineral salts. Kaolin intensively nourishes and regenerates skin. Clay gently cleans and refreshes skin. Additionally it removes dead cells and stimulates cell regeneration.

It contains the following elements:

  • Silicon which helps keeping an optimal structure of collagen fibres, neutralizes free radicals by preventing harmful processes of oxygenation being the reason of pre-mature aging of the skin;
  • Sulphur whose highly absorptive properties are helpful in care of fat and acne-prone skin;
  • Iodine which reduces volume of adipose tissue effectively removing cellulite. As a microelement, it strengthens skin and nails, reducing the chance of creating scars. It effectively heals damaged and sunburnt skin as well as other dermatological aliments.



Mix the masque with warm water in the ratio of 2 doses of powder to 1 dose of water until the content resembles thick and smooth paste. Put a thick layer of masque on sore muscles or other desired place. It is recommended to wrap it with plastic film and wash it away precisely after about 20 minutes. What is more the masque can be enriched with a chosen oil (which is especially recommended for dry and sensitive complexions) by replacing a part of water with it. The masque may also be prepared by spreading it in a cream base One may also add favourite oils and small amount of water as desired. The received mass should be applied onto the skin Wash away after about 20 minutes.


Use The masque for sore muscles (locally), body masque.
Recommended concentration

Up to 75%

The mixing ratio water: 2/1.

Storage Cold dark place.
Solubility dispersible in water
Expiring date
Given on the label



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