Body wash oil – intensive moistening

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We offer a set for individual preparation of a body wash oil. The set contains elements for easy and quick preparation of a cosmetic at home.

Body wash oil – intensive moistening is a perfect proposition for skin which requires intensive and long-lasting moistening. It is produced from a ready-made washing base, therefore, it foams perfectly and cleans skin. The product contains oil ingredients, which make skin moistened, smooth and nourished. Using oil every day increases the level of skin moistening and maintains it for up to 24 hours since the application.

The cosmetic is produced from organic washing base – a ready-made, natural body washing base whose ingredients foam well and make skin perfectly moistened and taken care for. It is perfect for production of your own liquid soaps and wash oils. Washing base does not contain ingredients, which produce irritations, such as SLS (Sodium laureth sulphate), parabens and aromas. It does not dry skin. It may be successfully used for dry, sensitive and thread-vein complexions.

The avocado oilis rich in vitamins A, B, E, H, K, PP, F and it is a source of amnioacids, proteins as well as non-saturated fatty acids. It also contains a squalane (a component of human serum), which shows anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, and chlorophyll (providing the fruit with green colour) which also shows anti-inflammatory and alleviating properties

Sweet almond oil contains oleic and linoleic acids as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and E. It is unusually delicate and therefore suitable for the care of infants’ sensitive skin. It is especially recommended for dry and aging skin; it is neutral and does not produce allergies. It visibly rejuvenates the skin and gives her a nice look. When used systematically it becomes a great emollient which polishes the skin.

Sweet almond oil is used in treatment of eczema, psoriasis vulgaris and in cases of dry, itching and irritated skin. It is light, easily absorbed by the skin and therefore used with pleasure for massaging purposes.

Caprilic is a blend of fatty acids, obtained from coconut oil, which undergoes esterification with glycerin. One of its properties allows to keep water inside the skin by creating a barrier on its surface. Caprilic is a neutral oil, an ideal greasy substance which provides the skin with proper protection and makes it elastic as well as soft and smooth. It also has preserving properties. Caprilic is created by means of esterification with glycerin. As a result we receive esters of octatonic acid and saturated capric acid. It is extensively used in cosmetic formulas with regard to its properties: neutral, colourless and odorless as well as permanent and easily solubilized.

Castor oil is used in skin and hair care preparations. It creates an occlusion layer (a film), which protects against excessive evaporation of water from its surface (an indirect moistening effect), hence improving softness and making skin and hair smooth.


Proper components of the set for the preparation of 100 g of oil:

  • Organic washing base - 60 g

  • Sweet almond oil - 20 g 

  • Avocado oil - 5 g

  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride ECOCERT - 10 g 

  • Castor oil - 5 g

  • A Spatula

  • A label

  • A disposable pipette

  • A plastic bottle 125 ml g


 The amount of all ingredients in the set is precisely measured.


The preparation  of oil:

  1. Checking whether the received set is complete.

  2. The preparation of a work place adhering to the basic rules of hygiene.

  3. Pour organic washing base into a container (a glass or a beaker). Next pour one by one each ingredient from the set and mix after every addition.

  4. Pour ready oil into a bottle. 

  5. The oil is ready to use.

  6. The oil may be enriched with a favourite fragrance by adding a few droplets of essential oil. Washing base is in form of a thick, clear fluid. After addition of oily ingredients, the consistency will become foam-like with pleasant cream colour..


Can be used to wash the whole body.



The oil can be stored at room temperature to 25 ° C.


Expiring date:

6 months.




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