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Cream for Sensitive and Capillary Skin with Vitamin C

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Cream for Sensitive and Capillary Skin with Vitamin C is recommended especially for sensitive and capillary skins. It has got anti-inflammatory properties, alleviates irritations, decreases the size of enlarged vessels and moisturises perfectly. Our cream smooths skin while improving its healthy look. It has got whitening properties. Additionally, the cream has got anti-inflammatory, antiradical, anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties. It restores skin firmness, glow and healthy youthful look. When applied the skin becomes tensed and nourished. Cream for Sensitive and Capillary Skin with Vitamin C is a perfect solution for day to day skin care.

Stable Oily Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate) Tetraisopalmitate) is an oil-soluble derivative of vitamin C which can be absorbed by the skin very easily and transformed into a free vitamin C. It may be added to a formulation readily and since it has got a unique form there are no irritations, even when the dose is high (there are products of even 100% concentration available on the market — for topical application). It also has got a particular resistance against light, heat and oxidation. Moreover, it revitalises and whitens the skin, while reducing wrinkles. Our product stimulates the collagen synthesis, activates the multiplication of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, inhibits the sebum oxidation, and protects against the UV radiation along with the creation of erythema. Recent research shows that the product is especially effective against senile melanodermas and serious discolourations.

Sambucus Nigra is produced from precious lilac flowers. It is recommended for capillary skin, but it is also used in anti-ageing skin care preparations. Sambucus Nigra stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and increases moisturising and regeneration.. 

The Sweet Almond Oil is obtained by means of the cold-pressing method. It is also rich in vitamins such as A, B2, E, D, while the high content of vitamin E decreases the number of free radicals.

It moisturises, protects and nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth and nice in touch.

This oil is suitable for every type of skin as it gets absorbed easily and does not leave an oily layer. It can be applied directly onto the skin.

Being very gentle and producing no irritation make this product especially good for children skin care.

It can be used for treating eczemas and striae of the skin. The oil is also great as an additive to cosmetics as it visibly rejuvenates skin and improves its look. When used systematically, it is a very good emollient which smooths skin.  

By the same token it is used for treating psoriasis as well as for dry, itchy and irritated skins. The oil is light and gets absorbed easily, hence it is often used for massages.

10:1 Aloe Extract  Extract is obtained by the process called concentration, which consist in the removal of water. 1000g of fresh juice gives 100g of concentrate, which has got the form of brown and green viscous transparent liquid. Aloe contains many valuable active substances — fresh leaves and water extracts incorporate compounds called anthraglycosides: aloin, aloinsides, aloe emodins together with polysaccharides, proteins, aminoacids, resins, antra-compunds, organic acids ( succinic, cinnamic), vitamins (thiamin, biotin).  

Aloe is a plant which enhances the regeneration of the epidermis. Its considerable moistening improve the increase of skin elasticity and firmness, simultaneously rebuilding its lipid barrier. It stimulates fibroblasts to the synthesis of collagen and elastin, restoring healthy and youthful look to mature and damaged skin.

Its antibacterial as well as cleansing properties favour the removal of inflammatory conditions. It is an ideal preparation for the care of acne and sebaceous skin.

Vitamin E  is commonly regarded as a youth and health elixir. It is one of the factors inhibiting cellular ageing processes and takes part in supplying body with oxygen. Our product accelerates the treatment of burnings, protects against the sun radiation, evens scars and improves their elasticity.

It protects the adipose layer of the epidermis and improves its softness and elasticity. Vitamin E helps treating dermatosis and acne along with preventing the creation of red marks. It appears in multiple vegetable products e.g. leaf vegetables, crude cereal grains or in vegetable oils. Furthermore, it also exists in abundance in mint leaves, nettles, broccoli or spinach.


The Preparation Set for 15g/50g of Cream:

Additional elements not included in the set:
  • Distilled (demineralized) water 0.6g/2g (0.6ml/2ml) — measure with the attached pipette


Cream Preparation:

  1. Check whether the set is complete.

  2. Prepare your work place adhering to the basic rules of hygiene.

  3. Add the attached oil, vitamin C and water into the container with the cream base and stir everything until the ingredients have blended and received mass is homogeneous.

  4. Add the remaining ingredients attached to the set into the obtained cream, stirring the cream every time an ingredient is added. While emptying receptacles, remember to pour them very precisely, almost to the last drop.

  5. Finally, stir everything very precisely. The cream is ready to use.



The cream is suitable for storage in room temperature up to 25°C, but the fridge is recommended.



- Ingredients: plastic pharmaceutical bottles, eppendorfs, cosmetic cream pot

- Complete set: plastic ziplock bag


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