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Hair Growth Conditioner Conditioner intensively regenerates hair and improves its condition. One of its ingredients, regenerates the structure of damaged hair, making it stronger as well as more resistant to breaking and splitting. Additionally, it bears extreme similarity to proteins existing in skin and hair. Basil Root Extract stimulates hair follicles, considerably decreasing hair loss and inducing hair growth. The hair density becomes higher and the hair itself is stronger and thicker.  

Basil Root Extract prevents the excessive hair loss, increases hair density, and stimulates cells of hair follicles, the same time supporting the fight against androgenic alopecia. Our product inhibits the activity of 5α reductase type II enzyme responsible for androgenic alopecia and stimulates hair follicles.  

Vitamin B5  plays the basic role during the division inside hair follicles and its presence is crucial proper growth, flexibility and humidity. A high affinity towards keratin makes it one of the best agents improving hair condition and growth.

Collagen in hair preparations additionally changes the hair structure by moistening and making it elastic. Due to its low molecular mass it can deeply penetrate the skin and the hair while combining moisturising and film-forming properties.



Sprinkle washed and dried hair — do not rinse.


The components of a set required for the preparation of 100 g of conditioner:

The quantity of all ingredients in the set is precisely measured.


Additional elements which are not included in the set:

  • Water or hydrolate: 89 g / 89 ml — measure with attached pipette

  • Lactic lub Citric Acids – Lactic or.


Preparation method:

  1. Check whether the received set is complete.

  2. Prepare your work place adhering to the basic rules of hygiene.

  3. Pour precise amount of water (hydrolate) into a container (a glass or a beaker). Next add a preservative and stir until it has dissolved.

  4. Add the remaining ingredients.

  5. Finally, mix everything very precisely.

  6. Measure pH level — it should be between 5.5-6. If necessary regulate it with lactic or citric acid.

  7. The conditioner is ready to use.



Conditioner may be stored in room temperature up to 21°C.



- components: plastic pharmaceutical bottles, ziplock bags, eppendorfs, plastic cosmetic bottle with atomizer

- complete set: plastic ziplock bag



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