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Matt Cream for Sensitive Complexion

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Matt Cream satisfies the needs of sensitive complexion. It regulates oil production, purifies and protects skin, alleviates irritations, and protects fragile vessels by increasing their regeneration rate. Matt Cream renders your skin hydrated and smooth — minus excessive sheen. Additionally, the cream contains a sun filter. The mix of hyaluronic acid, bamboo powder, vitamin B3, and zinc oxide not only reduces pores and matts, but also hydrates perfectly. It even limits the number of blackheads and boosts up healing of existing ones. The presence of carrageenan gently face lifts and protects skin against external factors, while leaving skin smooth and nice in touch.

The cream may be used during the day and night.

Hyaluronic Acid protects the skin against free radicals, keeps water and prevents collagen degradation in the epidermis. The ability to bind water in the epidermis prevents the creation of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity..

Zinc Oxide is a natural mineral which is at the same time a pigment. In cosmetics, it is used as a natural UV filter, protects against the effects of UV radiation. Apart from the sun protection, Zinc Oxide accelerates healing of injuries, ulcers and irritations. It has got anti-bacterial as well as tensing properties and helps treating acne together with removing inflammations.

Sambucus Nigra Extract is recommended for capillary skin, but it is also used in anti-ageing skin care preparations. It stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and increases mousturising and regeneration; it also protects fragile capillaries by enhancing their elasticity. The substance is one of the strongest antioxidants, shows alleviating, anti-inflammatory, cleansing as well as tensing and antibacterial properties. Its precious properties are used in both medicine and cosmetics. The flowers of Sambucus nigra are a rich source of substances such as sambunigrin glycoside, benzaldehyde, hydrocyanic acid, rutin, essential oils, organic acids – ascorbic and caffeic, malic, valeric and hydrochloric acids, tannins as well as vitamin E.

Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) used in cosmetics slows down ageing by stimulating the production of collagen and ceramides, therefore, it is a perfect product for ageing and mature skins. It regulates the level of skin moisturising, improves elasticity, brightens discolourations, and prevents the creation of new ones. As an ingredient of products for acne skin, it reduces the sebum synthesis in sebaceous glands and the creation of blackheads. It also narrows down the ostia of sebaceous glands.

Carrageenan (a vegetable silicone from algae), also referred to as oligogeline, is a red algae extract (chondrus crispus, carrageen moss). This substance provides the skin with microcollagen which reduces wrinkles, slows down the ageing process and improves firmness. It contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium which balance the skin mineral distribution. It maintains the optimal moisture level of the epidermis' horny layer and is a natural sun filter protecting against UVA radiation.

Carrageenan contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and PP which are crucial for proper skin functioning. Its anti-inflammatory properties accelerate healing of injuries and improve smoothness.

It is a perfect ingredient for hair cosmetics (shampoos, conditioners and masks). It evens the hair surface, strengthens it and improves its softness.

Carrageenan is also a thickening agent which is used in cheese and light emulsions.

It increases slipperiness which makes cosmetic distribution easier and improves its durability while intensively moistening and nourishing the skin. It is also non- comedogenic, therefore, it may be used in cosmetics for acne complexion, including complexion with increased seborrhoea.

Bamboo Powder is a white very light powder. Being a 100% natural vegetable product, it is an alternative for mineral powders. Bamboo Powder is dedicated for oily and combination types. It absorbs excessive oil and leaves skin matt and silky for a very long time. It shows anti-bacterial and anti-acne properties, supports healing of injuries, alleviates irritations and controls oil production. Bamboo Powder removes wrinkles from oily skin (not recommended for dry skin)!


The components of a set required for the preparation of 50g of cream:

The quantity of all ingredients in the set is precisely measured. The set does not contain water (hydrolate).


Additional elements:

  • Water or hydrolate: 9g/9ml


Cream Preparation:

  1. Check whether the received set is complete and prepare additional ingredients (water or hydrolate).

  2. Prepare your work place adhering to the basic rules of hygiene.

  3. Pour properly measured amount of water into a beaker, next pour Vitamin B3 and stir until it has dissolved.

  4. Add Carrageenan to the obtained solution and stir very slowly until the ingredients have blended. Next, pour Zinc Oxide and continue stirring. Zinc Oxide will not dissolve, instead it will create a suspension.

  5. Pour the obtained solution to the Cream Base and stir everything precisely or blend gently until the mass has become homogeneous.

  6. Add Bamboo Powder and continue stirring. Then add the remaining ingredients from the set. The cream will become more thin, therefore, finally pour Polymeric Thickener and stir very precisely or blend gently.

  7. The cream is ready to use.


Cream Storage:

The cream is suitable for storage in room temperature up to 21 °C, but the fridge is recommended.


Set Storage:

Recommended fridge.



-Ingredients: plastic pharmaceutical bottles, eppendorfs, cosmetic cream pot, ziplock bags

- complete set: plastic ziplock bag



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