Moroccan clay Ghassoul - volcanic

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INCI:   Maroccan Lava Clay

The clay has the ECOCERT certificate 


Natural clays nourish and rejuvenate your cells and tissues, therefore, they are a wonderful cosmetic ingredient for skin care. Our Moroccan Ghassoul clay is a 100% natural mineral which creates a dense muddy-like mixture when mixed with water. 

The Ghassoul Clay, also known as volcanic clay, is the oldest natural cosmetic for skin and hair care.  It is recommended for every complexion, especially sensitive, oily, acne and dirty. It has perfect washing and foaming properties. When used it removes toxins and excess of sebum. It can be used as a soap, shampoo, facial and body mask, and for spa treatments. Additionally, it makes skin more firm and alleviates inflammatory conditions.  

The clay may be mixed with orange blossom water, rose water and essential oils which enhances its moistening properties and improves fragrance.

The addition of argan oil to the clay will increase its nutritional and smoothing properties.



The Ghassoul Clay has very delicate cleansing properties which allow it to absorb impurities, fat, and sebum. It is a gentle, non-aggressive product for the care of facial skin, your body and hair.  Additionally, it improves skin firmness and alleviates inflammatory conditions.  

Mineral Composition of the Clay

  • silica (55-65%), 
  • magnesium oxide(<21%),
  • aluminium oxide (<5%),
  • sodium,
  • potassium and other microelements and mineral salts  


It is recommended to enrich clay masks with e.g. oils as it prevents them from drying on the skin and eventual irritations.

To make it easier, prepare your mask using cream base:

  • About 1 spoonful of;

  • 1 spoonful of cream base (ca. 15);

  • About 15 g of water;

  • A few droplets of oil

Mix the clay with water and pour the created suspension into the cream base. Mix everything and add a few droplets of oil in the end according to your preference (one may avoid using oil in case of oily skin).

The application of mask is very easy when using a spatula and the same applies to its removal from the face.




1 spoonful of Ghassoul Clay

1.5 spoonful of base oil (e.g. wheat germ oil)

Add oil to the clay and then pour a very small amount of rose or mineral water. Rub you skin for 2 minutes and wash it off with warm water. After using the scrub tone up your skin with witch-hazel hydrolate.

This scrub is recommended for every type of complexion.


70 g of Ghassoul Clay

50 50 g of oil 

10–15 g of warm water (ca. 1 spoonful)

Mix the Ghassoul Clay with oil and add a little bit of water. Rub you body using circular motion. After a few minutes wash off your body with warm water. 

Salt Scrub::


50 g of Ghassoul Clay

50 g of fine sea salt

100 g of oil (e.g. Plum Seed Oil) (optionally you can add a few droplets of essential oil to the base oil for a nice fragrance)

Mix the clay with sea salt and add add an essential oil of choice or the oil alone.

Put the scrub on the wet skin and rub your skin using circular motion. In the end, wash off your skin with warm water.

This scrub is recommended for thicker skin.



— basic — mix one part of the clay with mineral water in 1:1 ratio using a wooden spatula in a glass or ceramic receptacle (do not use metal tools) to obtain a smooth paste. Put it on your face and leave it there for 5 minutes (the mask may dry out and crack during that time). Wash off with a lot of lukewarm water. Use once a week.

-— oily and acne skin — mix the clay with a herbal tea (yarrow, snake grass, hypericum or chamomile). It may be enriched with honey, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

— mature and dry complexion — mix the clay with argan oil, cucumber and carrot juice, cottage cheese, olive oil, and wheat germ oil. Put the mass on your face. Wash off after 10–15 minutes.



  • local — pour 150 g of clay to the bathtub filled with hot water,

  • complete — mix 300 g of clay with warm water in the bathtub


Warm Compress:

The clay paste (the same ratio as in the case of mask) is used on the affected area (e.g. joints, muscles, throat or forehead) and wrapped with a wet, warm towel. The compress should be washed off with a lot of water after 30–60 minutes. The action may be repeated every day until the malady disappears.




- plastic pharmaceutical receptacles


Use Facial and body masks, cream, tonics, emulsions and balms.
Recommended concentration

Up to 100%, it can be applied directly onto the skin.

Storage Tightly shut receptacle in room temperature, protect against the direct access of light and humidity.
Solubility It is not soluble in water (creates a suspension).


Formulas for serums under algae masks, clays and muds:


  1. Serum do cery naczynkowej pod maski algowe, glinki i błota: czarny bez, melisa, kwas hialuronowy

  2. Serum do cery wrażliwej pod maski algowe, glinki i błota: caresoft, melisa, kwas hialuronowy

  3. Serum do cery zmęczonej pod maski algowe, glinki i błota: ekstrakt z noni, maku, kwas hialuronowy

  4. Serum do cery osłabionej pod maski algowe, glinki i błota: ekstrakt z prawoślazu, kolagen z elastyną, kwas hialuronowy

  5. Serum głęboko nawilżające do cery przesuszonej pod maski algowe, glinki i błota: hydromanil, jedwab hydrolizowany, kwas hialuronowy

  6. Serum pod maskę algową, glinki i błota dla cery trądzikowej, rumianek, cantella asiatica, kwas hialuronowy

  7. Serum pod maskę algową, glinki i błota dotleniające, zielona herbata, witamina B5, kwas hialuronowy

  8. Serum olejowe pod maskę algową, glinki i błota dla cery tłustej, zanieczyszczonej, ekstrakt z rumianku, oleje, kwas hialuronowy

  9. Serum olejowe pod maskę algową, glinki i błota dla cery zmęczonej, poszarzałej: ekstrakt z Cantella asiatica, oleje 

  10. Serum olejowe pod maskę algową, glinki i błota dla cery suchej: ekstrakt z maku, oleje

  11. Serum olejowe pod maskę algową, glinki i błota dla cery suchej: hydromanil, oleje

  12. Serum olejowe pod maskę algową, glinki i błota dla cery naczynkowej: ekstrakt z kwiatów czarnego bzu, oleje

  13. Serum olejowe pod maskę algową, glinki i błota dla cery wrażliwej: caresoft, oleje

  14. Serum olejowe pod maskę algową, glinki i błota dla cery dojrzałej: vitasource, oleje

  15. Serum olejowe pod maskę algową, glinki i błota przeciwstarzeniowe: kolagen i elastyna, oleje

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