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We offer a set for individual preparation of a body wash gel. The set contains elements for easy and quick preparation of a cosmetic at home.


Refreshing body wash gel is a perfect proposition for skin which requires intensive and longlasting and cleans skin. The product contains oil ingredients, which make skin moistened, smooth and nourished. Using gel every day increases the level of skin moistening and maintains it for up to 24 hours since the application. Additionally the presence of citric essential oil is responsible for refreshing and anti-aging properties – it is also a perfect antioxidant.

The base of this cosmetic includes: Organic shampoo and gel base, which in 70.2% is composed of organic products.

Our organic base is a perfect proposition for very quick production of a unique shampoo or a wash gel in house conditions without the need of heating it up. It does not contain any fragrance additives nor silicones, parabens or SLS (Sodium laureth sulphate).

It is suitable for products, which require pH regulation. When using the base for example to create your own shampoo, it should be additionally enriched with active ingredients, vitamins and oils. It is also possible to add your favourite essential oils or hydrolate (10-40%) – after addition pH regulation is not required. Due to a very delicate composition of the base the produced shampoo is recommended for especially sensitive, allergic and baby’s skin. It foams perfectly and may be used for every type of hair. Every day use is allowed.

An aloe extract shows strong alleviating, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. It accelerates the healing of injuries and stimulates cells to faster regeneration. Aloe is a plant which enhances the regeneration of the epidermis. Its considerable moistening improve the increase of skin elasticity and firmness, simultaneously rebuilding its lipidic barrier. It stimulates fibroblasts to the synthesis of collagen and elastin, restoring healthy and youthful look to mature and damaged skin. The previously mentioned antibacterial as well as cleansing effects favours the removal of inflammatory conditions. It is an ideal preparation for the care of acne and sebaceous skin.

Glycerin is a colourless and highly hygroscopic substance of thick syrup consistency. It is one of the oldest skin moistening substances. Its properties can be attributed to a very small particle which has an ability to penetrate the skin very deeply and to maintain its proper moistening on both a surface of the skin and in the horny layer.

Glycerin has perfect alleviating properties, it ideally moistens dry, improperly cornifying and cracking-prone epidermis, leaving a feeling of smoothness and softness. Too high concentration of glycerin in a cosmetic leaves a feeling of viscosity on the skin.

Clary sage extract is an active substance which has long-lasting moistening properties. It immediately increases the level of skin moistening and helps in maintaining it for up to 24 hours since the application. As a perfect additive to cosmetics for every type of skin, particularly dry and exposed to atmospheric conditions, it needs to exhibit strong moistening properties. It immediately increases skin moistening level keeping water inside the skin and restoring its healthy and youthful look.

D-Panthenol is a different name for provitamin B5 which, after being absorbed by the skin, transforms into vitamin B5. It is indispensable in the functioning of our skin and is deficiency results in excessive exfoliation of the epidermis, cornification and depigmentation.

Penetrating the skin deeply, it improves its moistening, makes it more elastic and firm. It alleviates all irritations and inflammatory conditions, what is more, it also accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis and the healing of injuries. Owing to a high chemical affinity to keratin, it is one of the best preparations enhancing hair condition.

Natural lemon essential oil has anti-bacterial, strengthening and whitening properties. It also has tensing properties and regulates secretion of sebum and prevents creation of blackheads. The oil decreases the number of eczemas and has tensing and disinfecting properties. It is a strong antioxidant which prevents aging, inhibits degradation of collagen fibres and blocks free radicals.


Proper components of the set for the preparation of 100 g/ 200 g of gel:

  • Organic shampoo and gel base - 60 g / 120 g

  • Aloe extract - 10 g / 20 g

  • Glycerin - 5 g / 10 g

  • Clary sage extract - 5 g / 10 g

  • Vitamin B5 - 5 g / 10 g

  • Natural lemon essential oil - 0,5 g / 1 g

  • A spatula

  • A label

  • A disposable pipette

  • A plastic bottle 125 g / 200 g


The amount of all ingredients in the set is precisely measured. The set does not contain water.


Additional elements:

  • Water: 15 ml/30 ml – measure by means of the attached pipette. The set does not contain water.


The preparation of a soap:

  1. Checking whether the received set is complete and preparing additional ingredients (water).

  2. The preparation of a work place adhering to the basic rules of hygiene.

  3. Pour a shampoo base into a container (a glass or a beaker) and add water. Mix it until the mass becomes homogenous. Next add one by one all ingredients from the set. Mix after adding each ingredient. They should be poured very carefully until the receptacles are almost completely empty. 

  4. At the end, add an essential oil.



Can be used to wash the whole body.



The gel can be stored at room temperature to 25 ° C.


Expiring date:

6 months.

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