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Retinol (vitamin A) - an innovative stabilized form of vitamin A

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INCI:  Hydrogenated Retinol; Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride.

Vitamin A  is one of the earliest discovered vitamins. It is a substance that can be dissolved in fats, is responsible for correct vision, organism growth and controls development of bones and quality of hair, nails and skin. Shortage of vitamin A show itself in blurred sight (may even lead to blindness), dry, flaky and horny skin and brittle nails and hair.

The name vitamin A is used to name compounds that shows biological activity that is characteristic for this substance. Derivatives from vitamin A are called retinoids and retinol is a basic form of the vitamin.

Retinol is a vitamin A in its pure form. In the skin it is recasted into retinoic acid and does not cause any skin irritations.

Other forms of vitamin A:

  • Retinoic acid (tretinoin) and its derivatives are the strongest and the most effective form of viramin A. Due to its strong irritant and exfoliating abilities, it is only available as a component in dermatological preparations.
  • Retinal (retinaldehyde) – patented form of the vitamin that is available only in cosmetics released by Pierre Fabre concern. It is the least known and described form of the vitamin..
  • Esters of vitamin A (retinyl palmitate and retinyl acetate) – so called pro-retinols. The cheapest and the least effective form of the vitamin. In cosmetics it works as an antioxidant, has moisturizing and smoothening abilities, but it does not have any anti- wrinkles properties.
  • Beta-carotene - provitamin A that has a role of antioxidant and fights against free radicals.


Vitamin A is one of the best known and the most effective active, anti-aging substance that is used in the cosmetics. Retinol, that can be found in our offer, is highly moisturizing , prevents wrinkles from appearing and has slightly exfoliating and revitalizing abilities thanks to stimulating hyaluronic acid in fibroblast. Due to hydrogenation it is very stable form of the vitamin A. Retinol can be used both in mature and aging skin products and in young, acne and atopic skin cosmetics.

Our organism is capable to create vitamin A from beta-carotene that is contained in food. But with age and due to UV radiation the process gets weaker. Outer layer of the skin becomes thinner, its capability to store water decreases and its fibers loses its flexibility. The skin becomes dryer, exfoliates and new wrinkles occur. That is why products with retinol brings countless benefits:

Cell renewal stimulation. Usage of retinol in skin care fosters thickening of the epidermis thanks to cell development. It works deep and effective. The retinol fills wrinkles from the outside what makes them less visible.  

Normalization of epidermis cell aging process. Correct growth and differentiation of epithelium cells speeds up the keratinization process. In epidermis horny layers becomes shallower while the living parts gets thicker.

It lightens spots, as well as sun and hormonal discolorations. The mechanism of the lightening process is based both on enhanced exfoliating process and direct impact on invalid agitation of melanosomes. Under the influence of the retinol they reduce themselves and contain less pigment.

Anti-wrinkles and antiaging abilities. It is based on phenomenon that occur in dermis. Retinol stimulates the organism to create both type VII fibers that enhances dermoepidermal junction, as well as type I collagen that creates main supportive fiber of the skin (the reaction become visible after about 10 months of usage).

Enhances creation of new blood vessels in the skin, that decide on correct nutrition and ventilation of connective tissue and epidermis. It is extremely important in case of aging skin.

Vitamin A is an effective substance, that helps in fights against acne and nurtures oily and atopic skin. It regulates sebum excretion, decreases the tendency for comedones and enhances wound healing process. Moisturizing properties of retinol makes it suitable for dry, exfoliating and acne skin care.


- The product should not be used by pregnant woman

-when using retinol products, the skin should not be displayed to sun rays. High UV filters are recommended




Every type of skin cosmetics with anti-aging, anti-oxidizing, regenerating, whitening and anti-acne abilities. Dry and atopic skin care cosmetics. 

Optimal concentration

From 2,5% (0,25% of pure retinol)- anti-oxidizing abilities – minimal concentration

Up to 10% ( 1% of pure retinol) anti-wrinkles abilities – maximal concentration.

In every day care cosmetics 4% concentration is recommended (0,4% of pure retinol).

storage Room temperature up to 21 degree Celsius , tightly closed package. Protect from dampness and light.


Solubility In fats.

Method of packaging::

- 1g - eppendorfy

- above 1g - plastic bottles Pharmaceutical

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