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Lactobionic Acid Tonic with its high anti-inflammatory, antiradical and moisturising properties is especially recommended for sensitive, capillary, and acne skins.  The tonic supports skin regeneration and improves moisturising of horny layer by limiting loss of water. In the case of capillary skin, it makes capillaries less visible, balances skin colour, adds vitality, improves moisturising, and slightly exfoliates.

Plus, it has got slightly tensing and anti-septic properties. Lactobionic Acid Tonic refreshes, alleviates irritations, and restores proper skin pH while cleansing and toning your skin.

 Lactobionic Acid alleviates skin irritations and inflammatory conditions. Having exfoliating properties and an ability to smooth skin, it reduces small wrinkles, strengthens epidermal barrier, and supports process of cellular regeneration. The tonic binds water on skin surface creating a film which prevents loss of water. Additionally, Lactobionic Acid has got strong antiradical properties and supports synthesis of collagen. Lactobionic Acid does not irritate skin, so it may be used on different skin types such as dry, sensitive, acne-prone or susceptible to other skin aliments (eczemas, psoriasis or seborrhea).

Sodium Lactate is sodium salt of L(+) lactic acid (the only biologically active form) produced by natural fermentation of sugars carried out by lactic bacteria of Lactobacillus genus. This compound exists naturally in epidermis, as it is one of the components of NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor) which is responsible for proper moisturisation of the epidermis. Its strong moisturising (it increases level of moisturisation up to 90%), antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, and modifying as well as stabilizing the level of pH properties make it a very valuable ingredient of cosmetic formulations. Sodium Lactate with its antibacterial properties is recommended for acne complexion. Lactate can decrease production of tyrosinase and prevent or decrease skin discolourations, which makes it safe and effective bleaching ingredient. Plus, Sodium Lactate may be effectively used to decrease visibility of senile melanodermas and freckles. It has got bacteriostatic properties which means that it functions as a preservative when added to cosmetic formulations. Sodium Lactate may be used in all cosmetics and care products (creams, balms, milks, tonics, and washing products — gels, soaps, and shampoos). It is also a pH regulating agent which increases pH and neutralizes acids (e.g. lactic, lactobionic, and gluconolactone).

Sambucus Nigra Extract — Sambucos negri stimulates production of hyaluronic acid, improves moisturising and regeneration, and increases elasticity of fragile capillary vessels. This substance is one of the strongest antioxidants with alleviating, anti-inflammatory, cleansing, tensing and antibacterial properties. Its precious properties are used in both medicine and in cosmetics. The flowers of Sambucus Nigra are a rich source of substances such as sambunigrin glycoside, benzaldehyde, hydrocyanic acid, rutin, essential oils, organic acids: ascorbic and caffeic, malic, valeric, and hydrochloric, tannins as well as vitamin E.

Vitamin Mix is an ideal water-soluble composition used as an accessory to skin and hair care utilizing all benefits of vitamins which it contains. It supports regeneration, nourishes, improves elasticity, accelerates regeneration of the epidermis, alleviates, and removes bacteria. It also supports hair care and prevents hair splitting.  Composition: vitamin B3, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B5. vitamin B6.

The Set for 150 g of Tonic with 3% Lactobionic Acid:3%:

 The quantity of all ingredients in the set is precisely measured.


Additional Elements Not Included in the Set:

  • none

Tonic Preparation:

  1. Check whether the received set is complete.

  2. Prepare your work place adhering to the basic rules of hygiene.

  3. Pour vitamin mix and lactobionic acid into the tonic base and stir until powders dissolve. In case you have difficulties with dissolving powders, heat the solution slightly (max. 40°C) in the heated bath.

  4. Next, add the remaining ingredients from the set to the obtained liquid. Stir everything.

  5. The tonic is ready to use.



Tonic may be stored in room temperature up to 21°C (a fridge is recommended).



- Components: plastic pharmaceutical and cosmetic bottles, eppendorfs, 

- Complete set: plastic ziplock bag

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