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Witch hazel flower water (HYDROLAT)

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Witch hazel flower water (HYDROLAT)
Witch hazel flower water (HYDROLAT)
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INCI:  Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Flower Water

Hamamelis virginiana is a witch-hazel – a big, deciduous shrub originating from eastern part of North America.

A hydrolate is mainly obtained from bark and leaves; it has a characteristic forest fragrance as well as translucent colour. It contains tannins (elagotannins and hamamelitannins), flavonoids, phenolic acids as well as essential oils.

Properties of the hydrolate are as follows:

  • anti-inflammatory effect,
  • antioxidant effect,
  • anti-bacterial effect,
  • anti-fungal and anti-hemorrhagic effect,
  • it regulates subcutaneous circulation.

Advantages of the hydrolate:

  • it provides the body with elasticity,
  • it accelerates skin regeneration process,
  • it visibly rejuvenates the skin,
  • in the form of compresses on fatigued muscles, it warms them and brings relief.

Other advantages of the witch hazel flower water are:

  • accelerated healing of injuries;
  • the removal of swellings produced by means of:
  1. contusions,
  2. edemas,
  3. insects bites,
  4. burnings;
  • it prevents infections
  • it prevents from the negative influence of harmful solar radiation,
  • it heals after-shaving and depilation skin irritations.

It is recommended for the following complexions:

  • mature,
  • thread vein,
  • with red patches,
  • acne-prone.


Use As a tonic (100% of the hydrolate), it can be used instead of water in cosmetic formulas, in anti-inflammatory products, as compresses on swollen places, masques, emulsions, peelings.
Recommended concentration Up to 100%, it can be applied directly onto the skin.
Storage Fridge, tightly shit receptacle
Solubility In water and alcohol
Expiring date Given on the package

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